Sulfur Itch and More

I am new at this but I have increasingly had  itchy skin for 20 years. Sorry to say Doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t help. I forgot I ate mostly from my own garden for 30 years. We bought beef, 1/2 a cow that was from a Jewish market with no preservatives that went right to the freezer. We bought chickens and I cut them up.

The  food allergies were increasing over the years. I didn’t have coffee for 30 years it gave me headaches along with chocolate.

But I have realized sulfur is a main irritant to my body. There were and still are many people on the internet with irritating itchy skin. Couldn’t understand why celery made my palms so itchy’ found out it contains sulfur naturally. Never drank much wine until 15 years ago and increasingly now makes me want to  crawl out of my skin. I have been on Pinterest for over a year but never thought to look for help there.

I went to a resort and thought I smelled sulfur in the room and after several trips there and lots of wine, dried fruits and nuts I ended up in the hospital swelling and covered with a rash after the drive home. I think that the water was from springs naturally containing sulfur. So now I begin a journey of finding new  sulfur free foods and ways to avoid sulfur with many other people and not  JUST ME.

Eggs have sulfur naturally so I will be attempting to research if when eggs cooked out of the shell dissipate the sulfur.

Looking for any ideas and will post information as I start to blog at 66. I guess this is a new route.





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